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Book Review: Little Delights in Leather by Mélanie Voituriez

Preliminary caveat: I worked for years in a custom leatherworker's studio as a patternmaker and production assistant; we made everything from mass-produced leather wrist cuffs and men's vests to OOAK leather corsets, motorcycle pants, and more. As such, I can be hypercritical about construction choices on RTW leather garments and accessories, and I have strong opinions about quality methods and techniques.

It's probably unfair but I have to admit, I was predisposed to skepticism with respect to the quality of this book due to the goofy title. (Little Delights in Leather? Really? Is it about making leather cupcakes and macarons because please.) I assumed--before I even downloaded the digital ARC--that it would contain amateur construction techniques (like riveting everything together in oak-tanned leather) and incredibly simplified projects like, say, a single-layer cuff bracelet, a pet collar, a change purse, etc.

I am so thrilled to be proven wrong!

The book features a c…

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