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Book Review: Pricing Workbook for Creatives

  I was excited to learn about this relatively new (2019) publication, Pricing Workbook for Creatives by Anne Ruthmann . This is an issue that comes up in every creative field and one that is always a struggle. I've mader a video about how to calculate what fee to ask for costume work , but this goes into much more depth. Basically, I wish this workbook had been available when I got great ideas for creative businesses back in my 20s, when the main resource for mentorship was to hope for the best at a Small Business Association local chapter's outreach events. Ruthman has put together a collection of worksheets that lead the prospective creative entrepreneur through evaluating the financial requirements of goods and services your prospective business might offer, and also develop strategies to grow a profitable, successful creative business.  Although by its very nature, there are a lot of number-crunching calculations involved in completing most of the worksheets in this book,

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