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Book Review: Get the Job in the Entertainment Industry

Get the Job in the Entertaiment Industry by Kristina Tollefson is a title in Methuen Drama's "Introduction to Theatre" series, and is aimed at those working (or intending to work) in theatrical design, technology, and stage management in the US. This book explains why--in America at least--a solo creative artist in the entertainment industry has to learn about business topics like invoicing, business tax deductions, contracts/riders, and so forth, and makes a solid case for why ignorance in these topics comes at your own peril. Tollefson begins by covering the various areas in which entertainment professionals might find work--theatres, theme parks, cruise ships, and more--and goes on to deep-dive into all of the things new-career professionals will need to find employment: resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and so forth. She answers questions like "What's the difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV)?" and "How can I plan for retiremen

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