Book Review: 3D Printing Basics for Entertainment Design by Anne E. McMills

This blog is still on hiatus, officially, until after the 2018 spring semester; but i had to pop in with this speedy book review!

Full disclosure: my graduate students and I are quoted extensively in this book, particularly in the costume production chapter. That said, this is an excellent resource for getting a handle on what 3D printing technology can be in the wide range of entertainment design applications.

The book explains the technology, discusses the merits of various models of printers, talks through the process of creating/obtaining a printable file, and troubleshoots issues with substandard results. It then goes on to document a wide range of applications for all areas of design and production, from the obvious areas of costumes/sets/props/puppets to uses in lights/sound/projections as well as exhibit design, maquettes, and more!

Accessible language, extensive sources and contributors, copious full-color photography on quality paper. A great overall reference book for even the technophobe!


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