Complex Mask projects

In the interest of getting somewhat caught-up on my graduate students' class projects this past semester (and ideally, at some point, the fall as well), I have some images of their complex mask projects! Behold:

Carnival mask inspired by Nigerian masquerade research imagery, by second-year grad student Danielle Soldat

Wire-frame headdress with hinged "tail" element inspired by an art photo, by first-year grad Cami Huebert

(The scale of this was too big to fit well in my phone's square photography format!)

Bighead walkaround of "Edna Mode" from The Incredibles, made from urethane foam and veraform thermoplastic by first-year grad Jane Reichard

(Bleach gallon for scale.)

Realistic yak mask (left) and maquette (right), made from buckram, plaster cloth, polymer clay, faux fur, and maché by second-year grad Samantha Reckford


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