Simple Armor Projects from my graduate students

What with the blog on hiatus for the year, I've missed out on sharing my graduate students' projects in posts on here. (Those who follow me on Instagram have caught them there though, since it's a lot quicker to just IG a pic than write up a formal post.) I'm hoping to remedy that retroactively and get some of their work up here, starting with the projects they presented today: simple armor!

The crafts class i'm teaching this semester is--you guessed it--Masks & Armor. The other class i'm carrying this semester is a new one, Digital Technologies for Costume Production, and because ALL my Masks & Armor students are also enrolled in Digital Tech, we're really seeing significant crossover in materials, equipment use, and applications.

 These bracers by second-year grad Danielle Soldat are made from a combination of buckram, foam, and leather, and embellished with laser-cut leather motifs taken from an artifact in the collection of the Metropolitan.

These fantastical scale-mail pauldrons by first-year grad Jane Reichard are laser-cut and etched acrylic shapes crocheted together with sturdy cord.

This lovely gorget by second-year grad Sam Reckford is made from Wonderflex thermoplastic, felt, nylon cord, shellac, and various adhesives and paints.

First-year grad Cami Huebert laser cut and etched this floral-motif "glass corset" from sheets of acrylic heat-bent into shape.

Great work, eh? Super proud of these students' projects!


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