Millinery projects from my grad students: buckram

If you pay attention to the weather news, you probably noticed that we had a pretty flood-tastic hurricane hit the Carolinas recently, which has been a challenge for many of us across the state. So, that's been partly contributing to the dormancy of this blog, but I also did a lot of writing this summer for forthcoming publication, which left me less time to muse in an open forum like this.

Anyway, we're getting back to normal here in the piedmont and my graduate students have recently presented their first round of millinery projects, which I'm sharing here. Check out their fabulous work!

Clockwise from top left:
Satin/lace asymmetrical hat by first year grad Lauren Woods
Crossweave cotton cloche by first year grad Ellen Cornette
Contemporary kokoshnik by first year grad Erin Rodgers
Velvet/satin bonnet by second year grad Cami Huebert

In the process of learning about hats made upon a buckram foundation, I have the students create a blocked fascinator and a simple pillbox before they tackle more complicated shapes, so here's a bonus pic of a few of those, too:

Top left: Lauren Woods
Top right: Erin Rodgers
Center: Ellen Cornette

Great work! Looking forward to the rest of the projects these students make.


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