Felt hat projects from millinery class

I'm trying to keep up with at least the hat presentations in millinery class this year--the front end of the theatre season at work has really eaten a lot of my time!

Anyhow, the next project my grad students completed was blocked felt hats. (They have the option to choose straw or other blockable materials but no one did this time around.)

This burgundy stingy-brim with leather band and fur tail pinwheel is by first-year grad Lauren Woods.
 First-year grad Ellen Cornette used a puzzle block to make this grey velour cloche with embossed leather band.

First-year grad Erin Rodgers used a puzzle block to create this swirled perch from a herringbone printed hatbody. 

 Second-year grad Jane Reichard made this hand-draped cloche, trimmed with a silk scarf threaded through structural slits at center back.

Detail shot of how that works.

 Second-year grad Cami Huebert hand-draped this sculptural felt hat inspired by freeform hats of the 1940s.

Detail shot of felt "feather" trim element.


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