Wire frame hat projects and a forthcoming article

My grad students recently presented their third project in millinery class--wire frame hats. Wire foundation techniques can be used for everything from airy lace "lingerie" hats of the Edwardian era to solid-looking crown structures, from ballet tiaras and headpieces to interior supports for elaborate wig styles.

Take a look at their work:

 Wire frame lace hat by second-year grad Cami Huebert

 Another view of same

 Drawn bonnet by first-year grad Ellen Cornette
(Don't the stripes really lend themselves well to this style?)

 Replica of Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik tiara by first-year grad Erin Rodgers

 Pearl-adorned ballet headpiece by first-year grad Lauren Woods
Crown based on a design by Lucien Falize, by second-year grad Jane Reichard

Great work, right? I'd also like to mention that i'll have an article, "Spartre: Old and New," featured in the forthcoming December edition of the UK's HATalk magazine! It explains how to identify both European and Japanese vintage esparterie/spartre/willow material, and show how it was used in three different hats made by former students of mine, Michelle Bentley, Danielle Soldat, and Ana Walton. So thrilled to be a contributor!


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