Millinery solutions to coiffure designs

The fourth project in my graduate level millinery class for the MFA in costume production at UNC-Chapel Hill requires the students to draw upon their acquired body of hatmaking knowledge to address shapes and structures of hairstyle-inspired design.

 First-year grad Erin Rodgers created this foam "cartoon" version of the 1830s Apollo's knot hairstyle

 Using a variety of standard and glitter foam, first-year grad Ellen Cornette made a drag-inspired version of Ursula's hairstyle in The Little Mermaid.

 Second-year grad Jane Reichard used genuine antique brass bouillon fringe to create this 1930s Marcelle-wave wire wig/hat.

Second-year grad Cami Huebert built this elaborate quick-on/quick-off 1870s hairstyle using a variety of synthetic hair pieces stitched to a Fosshape base.


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