Final hat projects from my fall millinery class

The end of fall semester came fast and busy there at the end of 2018, and I'm only now getting around to sharing images of the students' final projects. 

I call this project the "wild card," because it allows each student to choose a capstone final hat to make which explores whatever media and methods piqued their interest for further study during the semester. So, these are all very different hats!

Esparterie wedding hat with silver sinamay trim by first-year grad Lauren Woods

Esparterie and buckram Ascot hat by first-year grad Ellen Cornette

Ascot hat reproduction by second-year grad Jane Reichard

1910s peachbasket bonnet reproduction by second-year grad Cami Huebert

Color-blocked fedora from pieced fur felt hoods by first-year grad Erin Rodgers

Fantastic finish to a fun fall class! I'm really looking forward to having these five grads in the spring crafts class, the topic of which is dyeing and surface design! The first third of that class is basically science and color swatching, so it'll be a while before i have more student work to share.


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