Shibori projects by my graduate students

My students in dye class presented their shibori projects today and i have some photos to share! I have them do at least two yards of 45" wide fabric (or equivalent square footage) so that they have experience creating shibori designs on the scale of garment yardage requirements. Making a pattern on a scarf is fun and valuable experience, but translating up to the larger dimensions can be intimidating. They all rose to the occasion, though!

Pleated cotton gauze wrapped on a rope core by Duke University undergraduate Reilly Johnson 

 Border design incorporating both stitched and wrapped techniques by first year grad Ellen Cornette

 Folded/clamped design on narrow cotton for a forthcoming yukata by first year grad Erin Rodgers

 Folded/clamped design on cotton blend fabric by first year grad Lauren Woods
Border design incorporating both stitching and folding/clamping by second year grad Cami Huebert


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