Glove Projects in Costume Accessories class!

As a costumer for PlayMakers Repertory Company, I teach one course a semester in the costume production graduate program at UNC-Chapel Hill, and this semester that class is called Costume Accessories. My students recently presented their first projects, gloves!

Tea gloves of double knit and embroidered/perforated leather driving gloves 
by first-year grad Alex Hagman.

Navy ultrasuede tea gloves and custom dyed/pieced jersey evening gloves
by second-year grad Erin Rodgers

Men's leather driving gloves and sweet fleece tea gloves
by second-year grad Lauren Woods 

Ultrasuede gloves with lace inserts and sweet double-knit tea gloves
by first-year grad Sherry Wu 

Reproduction of a pair of 1933 suede evening gloves 
by second-year grad Ellen Cornette

Great work, y'all! The class moved on to a new topic yesterday, called "Small Hand Props," which are exactly that--small hand props which often fall to the craftsperson to make because the costume designer, not the set designer, is responsible for their look--reticules, hand fans, chatelaines, winter muffs, unusual spectacles/goggles, etc.


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