19th Century Women - Period Pattern Class

This is not a class that I teach, but I love to share the projects on Instagram because they're just gorgeous! So, I'll do a quick photocollage here on the blog showing some of the projects so far:

Left by Erin Rodgers
Right by Ellen Cornette

Left by Lauren Woods
Right by Cami Huebert

Back detail by Jane Reichard

Left by Erin Rodgers
Center by Cami Huebert
Right by Ellen Cornette

Bodice detail by Erin Rodgers

Left to right: Cami Huebert, Erin Rodgers, Jane Reichard

These are not all of the projects by all of the students, just a selection. The students propose projects within a given time period window using period research (a portrait, a fashion magazine illustration, etc) and they create at least half of.the full-size gown. They occasionally will create the whole costume, but especially for the 19th century, the yardage required is so large that there's not money and time for the full garment.

This course was originally conceived and taught by the program's founding costume director, Judy Adamson. This semester it is taught by faculty member Bobbi Owen and in future will be taught be our new costume director and program head, Triffin Morris.


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