Grad Students' Parasol Restorations!

My graduate students presented their parasol projects yesterday, and I have some images to share!

This 16-panel 1920s parasol is by second-year grad Erin Rodgers.
Strategic cutting of a printed cotton creates this cockade-esque canopy!
The fabric is from a donation of Japanese textiles originally from a kimono-maker.

Erin's 1920s parasol frame (top) is quite small compared to all these other 1880s ones!
Beneath Erin's is a silk taffeta ikat canopy on a mourning parasol frame 
by second year grad Ellen Cornette
Beneath that is a linen canopy lined in cotton on a natural wood Fram
by first year grad Alex Hagman
Beneath that is a restored frame stamped "Jan 31 1887" with a wool canopy and lining
from the same kimono-maker donation by second year Lauren Woods
At bottom is a metallic brocade canopy trimmed in custom dyed braid/rickrack 
by first year grad Sherry Wu

Surprise! Lovely floral lining in Alex's parasol!

Look at that graceful pagoda top on Ellen's canopy.

She put the bright ikat surprise to the inside!

Next up is a unit on reshaping the body, which covers both traditional body padding (pregnancy, weight change, musculature change, gender change) and mascot/character bodies/species change. Can't wait to see what they do for those!


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