Small Hand Props - class project

My costume accessories class presented their second project last week--small hand props. This project addresses the types of accessories which are technically props, but which often fall to the costume craftsperson to create due to their aesthetic importance with respect to the costume design.
The students must create a functional, aesthetically-pleasing prop which could withstand the run of a show (meaning, for example, that they won't break the first time the actor uses the prop forcefully to communicate intense emotion).

Top left: circular folding fan by first-year grad Sherry Wu
Bottom left: reticule on antique purse frame by second-year grad Erin Rodgers
Right: sequin-embroidered silk fan by second-year grad Ellen Cornette

Due to unforeseen setbacks, my other two students will present their small hand props at a future date. Because sometimes you can't predict what life's going to throw at you, I always keep my project presentation dates flexible, because other things like shipping delays and mainstage production responsibilities are non-negotiable!


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