Simple mask projects

My graduate class this semester is masks and armor, and my students have just presented their first full-scale project, simple masks. (Thusfar they've made maquettes and learned life casting.)

Check out these photos of their work!

This mandrill mask was made by first year grad Alex Hagman using Wonderflex for the base structure, trimmed out with yarn.

This geisha from the film Ghost in the Shell was made by first year grad Sherry Wu using Fosshape and papier maché.

This ram skull mask was made by undergraduate Lauren Griffith using ethafoam and papier maché.

This samurai face-guard mask was made by second year grad Ellen Cornette using Terraflex, Worbla, and wefted hair.

This Greek drama mask was made by second year grad Erin Rodgers 
using muslin maché and Sculpt-or-Coat

Second year grad Lauren Woods made both a maquette and a full-sized molded leather mask in this tree spirit design.

First year grad Alex Hagman also completed her hand-embroidered organza folding fan from last semester's costume accessories class! Gorgeous work well-worth the time it took.


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