TUTORIAL: Remaking a $10 sun hat for maximum glamour

Here's a quick project for a summer afternoon, inspired by the hats i made for My Fair Lady.

Start with an inexpensive floppy sun hat of the sort you can find all over right now. I got this one at Target for under $10. Separate the crown from the brim (these things are typically spiral-stitched using a chainstitch machine so it's easy to do this without damaging the braid/straw). Put the crown onto a head form and begin to experiment with how to reattach the brim. Think angles!

I've pinned this into place to stabilize the shape in various ways.

It's kind of like a tricorne, right?
Giant red hydrangea is also pinned into place, under $5 from AC Moore.

Top front view of how i'm going to finish this hat off. Now i just have to tack everything down to secure it, and i've got a pretty striking new hat for under $20.

ETA: Because my old blog host, LiveJournal, won't let me access the old posts or site layout anymore, I can't fix a broken sidebar link to the folks at Fashionable Hats. So, I'd like to point you toward their current site, with relevant sun hat links here: https://www.fashionablehats.com/hats-for-sun-protection.html


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